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Bugging device found in Philadelphia mayor's office

(CNN) --An electronic bugging device was found Tuesday morning in the office of Philadelphia Mayor John Street, a spokeswoman for the mayor said.

The device, discovered during a routine security sweep by Philadelphia police, is now being investigated by the FBI, according to Barbara Grant, the mayor's director of communications.

FBI Special Agent Linda Vizi said the bureau "will take appropriate action."

Vizi would not comment further, except to say that investigators had "determined that it has nothing to do with the election."

Street told reporters he doesn't know why the device was placed in his office, or who put it there.

"I wouldn't want anybody in this city to conclude in any way, shape or form that this mayor has been involved or is involved in anything that's under investigation by anybody," Street said.

"Although I don't know what's going on here, the question that ultimately will get raised in the minds of some people is 'Who is investigating the mayor's office?'"

"In response to that question I want to assure the people of this city that this mayor is not being investigated. I have done nothing wrong," he added.

Street is campaigning for re-election in a close race against the same candidate he narrowly beat four years ago, Sam Katz.

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